GreenTalk with FERABack to News

29 May 2020

What inspired you to create an organic certified range of superfood?


I wanted to make sure I had the highest quality Moringa on the market. So many factors go into attaining good quality superfoods, including the soil they grow in, the harvesting and the packaging. My mother has been growing Moringa in our garden for over 10 years now so I had always consumed the freshest and most highly concentrated form of Moringa. My mother’s friends from around the world always wanted to get the fresh Moringa leaf powder straight from her and I became curious about other Moringa products on the market. I came to realize they were not organic nor did they smell or taste the same. I soon realized there was a need for high quality USDA organic certified Moringa powder that wasn’t filled with twigs, fillers or food coloring. I wanted to start a company containing the highest quality Moringa that I could stand behind and that I too wanted to consume.  



What were the main challenges you faced in order to get to an organic range started; and are you still facing these challenges today?


I decided to find a farm/supplier who had USDA organic certified Moringa. While I didn’t have to go through the steps myself to acquire this certificate, it was incredibly hard to find a legitimate farm/supplier with an authentic USDA organic certificate. Many certificates I received were not authentic. It took me forever to finally find a farm that had the true certificate and genuinely produced top quality Moringa like in my mother’s garden.



What were the most memorable, defying moments during this time?


I remember being shocked by how many people claim to have certified organic Moringa products, but could not or would not provide me with a certificate. I was determined to find Moringa powder that matched the quality that I had consumed for years. Despite receiving sample after sample from around the world of low quality Moringa I and didn’t stop. I knew if I kept searching I would fi-nally find a farm that was in alignment with my goals and quality standards.



What helped you to see it through to the end?


Knowing that people could feel safe and at ease purchasing from my company. I wasn’t just trying to make money with a new fad or trend. Moringa helped save me during a time of difficult health problems (I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease) so I wanted to provide the rest of the world with a product that could truly enhance their life. 



What are your plans for the next 5 years?


To continue selling only high quality USDA organic products. I plan to introduce new products over the years (some I am working on now) and I want to ensure they always abide by the highest standards and are the most nutrient rich option available.